Now, ‘space travel’ to guard computers against viruses

WASHINGTON: A cutting edge tool will automatically permit one computer in a virtual network to monitor another for intrusions, viruses or malware that cause them to malfunction.
The technique has been dubbed “space travel” because it sends computer data to a world outside its home, and bridges the gap between computer hardware and software systems.
“‘Space travel’ might change the daily practice for many services offered virtually for cloud providers and data centres today, and as this technology becomes more popular in a few years, for the user at home on their desktops,” said Zhiqiang Lin, assistant professor of computer science at the University of Texas Dallas, who led the research.
Lin said the ‘space travel’ technique will help the FBI understand what is happening inside a suspect’s computer even if he is physically miles away, instead of having to buy expensive software, according to a Dallas statement.

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