An app to send ‘video SMSs’

Text messaging is fast and efficient but a new video-sharing application aims to put users in the picture.
The London-based company Six3 has launched a new video-sharing app by the same name that will enable users to send short video messages as easily as sending a text. Whether it is a business traveller trying to stay in touch with family or a teenager connecting with friends, the app aims to combine the convenience of texting with the intimacy of video.
“It’s easier to send a video message than a text message if you’re walking down the street because you don’t need to look down and tap away at tiny buttons. You just talk straight into the camera,” said Tim Grimsditch, the co-founder and CEO of the London-based company Six3.
Users can also record a message, which must be less than 63 seconds long, and send it to other people using the app, or email it and send it to Facebook contacts.

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