Chinese kites to dot Indore sky this Makar Sankranti

Indore: With Makar Sankranti round the corner, city markets will be seen dotted with kites of different shapes, sizes and colours.
After Chinese toys, batteries, electronics, it’s now the turn of Chinese kites to fly into the market in a big way. These kites are currently being sold at prices ranging between Rs 25 and Rs 400.
A kite seller from Ada Bazar – a local traditional marketplace- claims that college going youth and even young professionals are increasingly attracted to Chinese kites because they stand apart from traditional Indian kites. “Their colours are more attractive compared to traditional kites,” one seller pointed out.
In India, kite manufacturing is an over Rs 100-crore industry, with Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and southern states being the major markets. Until recently, almost 50% of the kite strings or manjha, as it is more popularly known, available in markets were made in China. However, a recent ban on these by the government has come as welcome news for local kite makers.

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