Now Lasers to Destroy Asteroids

With Earth’s recent close shave from the asteroid DA14, followed by the asteroid attack on Russia, scientists are considering these extra-terrestrial rocks as a serious threat. While asteroids have been known to annihilate species from Earth and even create continents (dinosaurs), this is the first time that an asteroid attack is being taken so seriously.
Scientists have decided to come up with new solar powered lasers that can detect and destroy asteroids that hold a potential threat to the Earth. The program that has been dubbed Directed Energy Solar Targeting of Asteroids an exploRation, or DE-STAR and can vaporise asteroids irrespective of their size within a day or a year for larger asteroids.
DE-STAR will use the unending power and heat generated by the sun to convert the beams into laser energy which can then be directed at any of the dangerous looking asteroids and vaporise them. The duration taken for the asteroid will depend on the size and speed of its approach to the Earth. Also, asteroids as distant as the sun can be targeted with the laser.

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