Indore zoo to have air coolers soon

With the rising level of mercury for past couple of days, the Kamla Nehru Zoo authorities have decided to install fountains and coolers in the cages of wild animals.
The temperature recorded on Friday was 33 degree and is likely to increase by the weekend, as anticipated by the meteorology department.
The fountains have been installed in as many as eight cages and work of installation was underway in 10 cages. The zoo has about 150 animals and birds. The zoo authorities make proper arrangement to protect them from extreme weather conditions every year. According to officer in-charge of the zoo, Dr Uttam Yadav fountains have been installed in the cages of crocodile, white and yellow tigers, bear, deer and sambhar. More fountains will be installed in the cages of other animals.
Besides this coolers are being installed in the cages of lion, bear, deer and leopard. The zoo management had sight coolers and eight more will be purchased for the purpose.

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